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Go For an Adventure Through Your Mind!

Hypnotherapy isn’t just for problems. It can be used to explore your mind, your memories, hopes, thoughts and feelings, in order to gain a greater understanding of yourself.

Using hypnoanalysis, we can go for an adventure through your mind.

Hypnoanalysis involves you becoming really relaxed, and drifting into a hypnotic state. I will then ask you to let your mind drift, and to tell me the first thing that comes to mind. We will explore what you see, sometimes use guided imagery to gain deeper insight, and examine the scene, person, place, situation or memory you find. We will then drift on to other scenes, exploring each. This method can bring you to different parts of your mind, and a greater insight into yourself.

You might come across a long forgotten memory, or a puzzle that needs solving, a wonderful, fantastical land of your own making, or a holiday you dream of taking.

It can be an interesting and revealing method of discovering more about yourself.

You will only share with me what you want to, if you come across something you want to keep for yourself, you simply tell me and I will leave you for a moment to explore.

If you would like to gain some more insight into yourself, adventure analysis can be a wonderful, and exciting, way of doing so.