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Clinical Supervision

I offer clinical supervision to counsellors and hypnotherapists, covering the requirements of professional bodies, such as the BACP, The Hypnotherapy Society and the Counselling Society.

I have a post-graduate certificate in clinical supervision, which is accepted training for college courses and the BACP.

Supervision should be undertaken once a month for 1 1/2 hours.

I am not here to judge or to manage your work. I aim to offer the three main uses of supervision;




Giving you a well rounded, focused supervision.

As I teach both counselling and hypnotherapy, I can give you insight into furthering your knowledge and gaining CPD.

Most of all I offer a friendly, peer orientated supervision, in a safe place where we can discuss your work with your clients, taking care of both them, and you.

I also see student therapists throughout their placements/practice hours and can invoice your college on the 24+ scheme (if this has been offered to you).