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Children’s Therapy

Children’s therapy can be very effective. Both counselling and hypnotherapy can be used, depending on the issues, the child, and their caregivers.

Counselling can offer the child a safe place to talk, where they won’t be judged and their issues will be taken seriously. Confidentiality is important with any therapy, and with children, having a place where they can talk freely can be invaluable. Of course, they are minors, and any issues that are deemed to be dangerous or damaging for the child will be discussed with their caregivers, but this will always be made clear to the child, and discussed with them. Some times in therapy we are told things
because we’ve said we will do something. This goes for adults too!

Children respond well to hypnotherapy, as it involves their imaginations. With the use of stories, and creations of their own, hypnotherapy can help with;


exam stress
bed wetting
building self esteem

and many other issues children face.

There are many other techniques that are especially good for children. Sandtray and art therapies help them tell, in their own words, what is troubling them and what will help.

As with adult therapy, each session is tailor made for each child, using an assortment of therapy tools including Blobs ™, postcards and shells. I have worked and trained with Place 2 Be, who place counsellors in schools to work with children of varying ages. I also hold a DBS check.

Older children respond well to stone work and simply being given a space to express themselves.

You would be surprise how focused children can be in a session!